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I am currently offering 1-on-1 skype sessions for $115 (50 min session).(Price may fluctuate up and down a bit based on current demand and my availability.)NEW: Session for 1st time clients: $90

You are more powerful than you think. Together we will more activate your vast potential.

I do not call myself a therapist because I am not licensed. However, the style of my service is similar to therapy. I believe one of my best traits is being a good listener.Having someone to discuss your challenges, goals, anxieties, dreams, and overall inner world is extremely therapeutic and beneficial to the individual and I believe I’m very good at that. I have done over 2,250 skype sessions now. I started doing these skype sessions in 2014 so have many years of experience.If you connect with my videos, perhaps you’ll connect with me on a skype call.I have had a diverse clientele from 6 continents. My clients have ranged from business executives, very successful entrepreneurs, pastors, and investment bankers to freshmen college students and unemployed individuals with severe depression or serious health issues. I am happy to work with anyone who has a desire to improve their life.I work with men and women of all ages. The topics I work with people the most are: porn addiction, life direction, depression, no fap / semen retention, connecting better with the opposite sex and dating, social anxiety, achieving your goals and fulfilling your desires, becoming more successful, becoming more confident, a random situation currently in your life, sexual issues, entrepreneurship, karezza, spiritual direction, mindset and “law of attraction”, an area you feel lost in and wanted someone to brainstorm with, etc. anything.Any issue or challenge currently going on in your life and to talk about your life as a whole.Social support and accountability can be amazingly powerful, effective, and therapeutic.

There is huge value in expressing yourself and having someone to talk to about your inner world. It can be very therapeutic. I am not judgmental. With my service I have a gentle presence. Quite often on calls people have said, “I’m going to tell you something about myself that I haven’t told anyone before…”. My service provides a safe place to explore these areas of our psyche. It’s nice talking to someone who we don’t know in real life because we can be 100% real with them. That’s what I’m here for. Our calls will be confidential.Often just the act of talking out loud about our inner world (especially the deepest stuff we may normally not talk about in our relationships) leads to clarity, insights, catharsis, and healing. Imagine having a space to be completely unfiltered to explore your thoughts and feelings.I went to therapy in 2016 to heal my porn addiction. My therapist extremely helped me. The experience was life changing. I was very nervous at first to make that initial appointment, but going to therapy ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.If working with me, I will challenge you at times. Life is much more enjoyable when we are bold and living life to the fullest. Together, we will call forward the best within you.We will dive into root issues, break down your behaviors and beliefs, transform fears and insecurities, upgrade your models about yourself and reality, and create a powerful vision for your life with action steps.Sometimes we just need a place to vent our minds or get an unbiased opinion about something.Sometimes we may dive into your past.On occasion I utilize Jungian psychology, such as integrating your shadow or dream analysis.

My rates are determined by supply and demand. In the past I have offered more affordable pricing. However due to the traffic my Gold Jacket Luke YouTube channel generates (7,000,000 plus views), I started to get overwhelmed and needed to increase my fee.I have also found that people who are more financially invested in the process strongly tend to take their growth more seriously. For example, if you are paying a significant amount there’s a higher chance you will follow through on your goals and intentions. You have more leverage or “skin in the game”. I am looking for people who are serious about improving their lives.

The work we do together may reap benefits that impact your life for decades. It's an investment in yourself.I have worked with both extremely depressed people who were really struggling, and people who were quite happy and thriving, but who wanted to take their life up an even additional notch. Now that I’ve done this for awhile, it’s surprised me how many successful people want to do these skypes. Successful people understand that investing in their growth and support systems can be extremely worth it.I’ve noticed successful people typically look for any help, support, or edge they can get on improving themselves. On the other hand, people who are struggling often have unnecessary and self-sabotaging resistance to getting help. Meanwhile, they’d easily spend money on alcohol or some other junk. But not willing to invest in themselves.In 2019 and 2020 I saw two life coaches myself, even though I was doing pretty well in life, but just to help even more. Most people only seek support when things are at rock bottom. However, it’s best not to wait for “rock bottoms” and get support now. I know lots of people who see therapists / coaches regularly for years, even when they are doing really great.Whether you’re at a rock bottom and really struggling, or thriving and want to take your life up even additional notches, are you ready for your life to improve?Some want to do just a one-off session, some want to work with me regularly.Sometimes I’ll get someone who just wants to talk about some spiritual or philosophical ideas, or chat about something random. Anything is fair game. I am here to serve you.As I grow and gain more experience and wisdom… my prices will be going up. So take advantage.

Could having an intensive skype session with me help your life?

If interested in doing a session, shoot me an email and we’ll talk details and set up the skype!my email: contactgoldjacket@gmail.comI hope to hear from you!The best time to improve your life is now.P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! (just email me)Lasting transformation takes time. I also enjoy forming relationships with people. For these reasons, I offer a slightly discounted rate or package deals for my long-term / return clients. I appreciate those who are committed to the coaching process and relationship.For those with social anxiety, if you are nervous about doing a skype session there is nothing to be afraid of. I am on your side and here to help you.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."
- Neale Donald Walsch

"I reached out to Luke at what was a tough time in my life. I’d just gone through a bad breakup, and I was at a point where I was making self destructive decision after self destructive decision. I was lost and knew I needed to make a change before it was too late.Luke is like a therapist, friend and support system built into a single person. I found myself telling him things that I haven’t told another human about. He made me feel at ease instantly and every single call with him was a safe space, even if I just needed to vent about life. He’s a fantastic listener and will always take stock of what you’re saying before offering his thoughts.He was a massive catalyst in my path to a better future. Since we completed our work together I have a new lease on life. Both my professional and personal life have done a 180 to where I was a year ago. If you get the chance to work with him, don’t hesitate for a single second. Whether it’s porn addiction, or any kind of inner work you need to do, I cannot recommend him enough."- Oliver

"If you want to get rid of any addiction, I don't know if it's possible to do it all by yourself. I believe you need a support system. Luke was a huge part of mine when trying to get rid of my porn addiction. The four longest streaks I have had were while Luke and I were talking. Currently, I am on my longest streak at day 155 and I could not have done it without Luke! I don't see myself ever going back and watching porn. I am in the best relationship of my life, my career is going well and porn was holding me back. You will realize the best version of yourself once you work on your mental health and Luke has helped me immensely with that. Live your best life and don't be afraid to ask for help."- Brandin D.

"Thank you so much. Of anyone I’ve ever worked with, I've made the greatest progress with you."(In the past he had worked with multiple different licensed therapists, other life coaches, groups, and bought some expensive programs online.)"- Paul

"I used to be someone who struggled to go for even a couple days without thinking about or looking at porn. A couple years later, and my porn addiction is all but a thing of the past (currently at 200+ streak). Luke has definitely been a crucial factor in making that happen. Quitting porn by yourself is nearly impossible. It’s much easier when you have someone in your corner, giving you personalized advice but also holding you accountable. The improvement in my life from quitting porn is immeasurable. I’ve improved in every single area of my life because of this. If you’ve been struggling to quit porn on your own, my #1 advice would be to seek help from someone who understands your situation, someone who’s been there himself - someone like Luke."- Max P.

"Working with Luke over the past several months has been great. Luke has helped me to stay focused on quitting porn along with regularly reviewing my goals. Even though I have fallen off of nofap a few times Luke has really been key for my recovery because his optimism and enthusiasm is contagious. He has constantly encouraged me to keep a good attitude about moving forward and not giving up.Talking with Luke about everything has not been difficult for me because Luke is truly humble. He has an extremely rare ability to listen intently without jumping at every opportunity to give advice. I can't possibly express my gratitude for Luke's help well enough here with just a few simple words.Life has certainly been MUCH better for me recently. Thank you Luke."- Jason M.

"You are really powerful coaches, both of you. Honestly better than 99% of the leadership trainers I work with who make 7 figures."(A friend of mine who is an amazing coach and extremely well networked in the coaching industry to me and another friend. He personally knows and has worked with extraordinarily successful high-end coaches and leadership trainers.)

For those in financial hardship but very sincere about coaching, I am willing to offer a 5% - 20% discount (sliding scale rate). I don't like lack of finances to be the reason I don't work with someone if we could be a great match to work together. At the same time, I know investing in this process creates more buy-in, focus, and commitment so please only request if truly needed.In the same token, if you want to pay more than my rate because you really appreciate my service / work or want additional buy-in, you are certainly welcome. (of course not expected, but sharing for the rare occasion where it may feel right for someone)

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Q. Do you take clients long-term?A. YES! I enjoy working with people on a regular basis. This way I really get to know you. I become your partner in life. We are also more committed to eachother. If we are working regularly together… if I am randomly walking down the street I may be thinking about you / your situation etc.This option is excellent for accountability since we’d see each other regularly. Social accountability and support is extremely powerful for transformation.One reason the AA 12 step program is effective is because of the social support and accountability aspect.If you know a skype with me is scheduled and coming up, that’s extra incentive to not look at porn, or follow through on your goals, etc. as we will talk about how you are doing.Don’t underestimate the power of long-term consistent social accountability and support. It can be incredibly powerful.Some people want to skype just once to talk about a current life situation, get a jumpstart on their recovery, or brainstorm about something etc. Some people like to skype with me regularly. Whatever you think is best for your growth.If you decide you want to work with me regularly, I often give slight discounts. I appreciate your commitment and decision to take your life seriously. Also, we can customize a program that fits you. For example, with some clients who primarily want accountability we sometimes set up shorter sessions (25 or 30 min). I am here to be of service in a way that makes the most sense for your goals.Real significant change almost always takes lots of time and commitment! I really respect people who are willing to take their lives and growth seriously. Imagine having me by your side regularly for your life’s journey. 🙂

Q. How do you do the skypes?A. Just have skype downloaded on your computer or phone and you’ll be good! Make sure your microphone is working.Sometimes a client will skype with me from their car on their smartphone, etc.Just find a place where you’ll be comfortable and we’ll be good. 🙂I normally do video calls, but if you prefer doing audio-only, that works too. We can also do Google Meet or Zoom if you prefer.

Q. How does payment work?A. We’ll talk through email. There are lots of very easy options.

Q. I'm across the world.A. I’ve skyped with people from 6 continents all over the world. We’ll find a time to skype. Whether your morning and my night. Or your night and my morning.

Q. Additional note on accountability:A. For clients who’d like to, you can make a document of your habits / goals and check them off as your week goes. Then one aspect of our work can be to regularly review your chart, discuss what could be improved or changed, analyze why things are occurring, etc. This provides excellent accountability and structure for consistent progress, growth, and success.My clients who do this usually use Google Docs or Excel and share the document with me. One client made a chart with old school pen and paper and would send me a screenshot before our sessions.Imagine what your life could look like if you were consistent with your positive habits over a LONG period of time! This often snowballs into exponential results.

Q. Do you offer email consultations?A. Yes. If you have a quick question or simply prefer email communication, I do offer this.Fee depends on length of time to read inquiry and respond.Email me your question / inquiry and I’ll respond with a quote.

Q. Can you help me for free?A. I have spent the last 8+ years working hard making 300+ free videos on youtube, and I quite often get messages from people who want my help, without offering anything in return. Sometimes this makes me feel disrespected, especially after I have already given so much. I love doing these skypes because I truly feel I am helping people. But at the same time, I have bills to pay and need to value myself. Please respect my time and energy. Thank you.I have done some free calls in the past because it fulfills me to help people, but a couple of times the individuals didn’t take the calls that seriously, which was a bummer. I’ve learned that if people invest, they take the calls (and their lives) more seriously.It’s crazy how most people are willing to spend money on so much junk and worthless things, and yet not willing to invest in themselves and their growth. When you invest in yourself, you will take your life more seriously.


DISCLAIMER: I am not licensed. I am not certified. I am simply a coach. You are responsible for your life and decisions.